About the artist

An experienced advertising and multi-media artist, Imogen is known for her ability to render impactful, visual narratives in a spectrum of styles.

She loves the challenges that come with telling stories through design, and working with a core team of ferociously creative visionaries. Creative solutions are her bread and butter.

Imogen is also a devotee of the Maker Movement, and an active member of the artists’ collective, Five Ton Crane; her current project involves learning to weld.

Specialties: Photoshop/Illustrator, Concept Design, Commercial Illustration, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Commercial Voiceover.

Additionally: Writing/Blogging, Teaching, Jewelry Design, Costume Design, Sculpture, Photography, Painting, Linocut & Engraving, Woodworking, Leather, Metals, Glass.

Imogen is proud to call San Francisco home.